Screening Date●5.26(Sun)12:20●6.2(Sun)12:15

What is it like when you love a woman? An art professor JUNG takes a trip with her student Hee-jin and a nude model YOON to the sea. While they wait out the storm, YOON tells them about her love story as an "altruistic genetics" - love same sex. Two years ago, a pickpocket KANG and a mock suicide YOON was handcuffed together. Two girls ran away from the police to a temple to unlock the handcuffs where they had their first kiss. Listening to their story, JUNG and Hee-jin find a new aspect of love.

【Director's Bio:KIM Soo-hyun】
Graduated from the department of Theater and Film at Dongguk University, Kim started his film career as an assistant director and writer of "Bad Movie" (1997) which was one of the most controversial Korean films in 90's directed by JANG Sun-woo. His first feature film "So Cute" (2004) was invited to the 9th Pusan International Film Festival for the New Currents section and in 2005, he won Best Debut Film Award with "So Cute" at PaekSang Arts Awards. "Ashamed" is his second feature film in seven years, and was selected for the competition section at Pusan International Film Festival in 2010.

【Director's Note】
Sometimes life is like a comedy. If you lay back and think about it, life seems to be a series of happenings. You could just think of everything as the joy of living, but it is hard for a shallow person like me. Every now and then, just to hold on, whimsically, I fall in love but always fail to avoid the pain after that. Every time, you try so hard to pursue a "relationship" and "interaction" but in the end, you are left alone with an unsolved problem of "yourself". The problem is you not knowing yourself. If you are sure about yourself, everything will go well. It sounds like a cliche, but the movie Ashamed developed from this thought. I cannot remember exactly why I chose homosexual love but, at first, I thought there must be something special in it. That is why I decided to stick to the subject. However, I had a problem finding it. I had a strong belief that homosexual love is different from that of "me" and most of "us" who are heterosexual, and that belief made me think their love would be special. Their love is a little bit different, of course, but there is no denying that it, too, should be beautiful and happy. I may be shallow and foolish, but I wish I can share their loneliness. I wish I can help them overcome the harsh reality. I wish we can be mature and be happy together, with many people as possible.